Christopher Mollard

User Experience contractor designer researcher developer lead

J4G Design Ltd logo

Creating and designing a logo for a User Experience agency

J4G Design logo on the top of an invoice, you can only see the corner

J4G Design Ltd logo on an invoice


May 2014




J4G Design Ltd

Some background

J4G Design is a User Experience and design agency that focuses on all the touchpoints of how any given users engage with and use products. They focus on all stages of the product life cycle to create engaging and accessible designs, centered on users, for custom systems, websites and mobile phone applications.

The brief

Create a logo that is smart and elegant as well as being distinguishable without needing to fully pay attention to it. It should be obvious so that people don't have to wonder what it represents.

The process

To come.

J4G Design logo: white capital wording on a blue background, three letters on each lines

J4G Design Ltd logo