Christopher Mollard

User Experience contractor designer researcher developer lead

Fencers Club London Website

Designing and building a website for a new elite fencing club making their mark on the international scene

Fencers Club London website displayed on an iPhone, iPad and iMac

Fencers Club London responsive website overview


September 2015


Website design


Fencers Club London

Some background

Fencers Club London was a new fencing club for the elite that was opening in London. They needed a website that would stand out from the rest, get them noticed and provide all the information that any fencer or parent could need.

The brief

Design and build a striking and unique website for a strong club (that includes two British champions and a Polish World Cup winner) to bring it to life online.

The process

I identified the prospective users of the new site:

  • current club fencers
  • fencing parents
  • prospective members
  • investors

Built on Wordpress. Worked with key stakeholders and user to identify requirements, test designs and get feedback on the site as it was being built. Conducted competitor analysis of other fencing club websites to identify some key components that are successful:

Conducted best in breed analysis of other sports clubs to see where they have success, the content they have and engaging areas:

Worked iteratively in the code.

The outcome

The final website can be viewed at