Christopher Mollard

User Experience contractor designer researcher developer lead

Elite fencing summer camp flyer

Designing flyers for the Allstar-Uhlmann high performance summer camp

Elite fencing summer camp flyer mocked up

Elite fencing summer camp flyer mocked up


March 2015




Fencers Club London

Some background

Fencers Club London is a high performance fencing club founded by two British team fencers and national champions with a mission to develop the next generation for Olympic success. Since the club's foundation in 2015 it has produced champions at both national and international level. To gather more interest in their coaching methods, share their knowledge and be more visible they decided to run a week long fencing camp and needed a design.

The brief

Design an A5 flyer for a week long fencing summer camp that is informative, persuasive, exciting and captures the essence of what Fencers Club London is all about. It needs to be easily distributable in person (training sessions and competitions) as well as online.

The process

To come. The final design can be seen below.