Christopher Mollard

User Experience contractor designer researcher developer lead

Ace of Hearts fun casino website

Designing and building a website for a new company breaking into the recreational casino business

Ace of Hearts Fun casino displayed on an iPhone, iPad and iMac

Ace of Hearts Fun Casino responsive website overview


February 2017


Website design


Ace of Hearts fun casino

Some background

Ace of Hearts Fun Casino came into existence in February 2017 by those who saw an opportunity to improve the services currently offered in central London. The market has lots of competitors who cater for events in and around London but who are based in the outskirts or regions outside of London. Ace of Hearts brings together a fun and professional service based inside central London.

The brief

Design and build a responsive website (and brand) that demonstrates all the capabilities of the company in order to build an online presence that can help the company flourish.

The process

To come. The final product can be viewed at