Christopher Mollard

User Experience contractor designer researcher developer lead

Better web type

A tool to help you understand the balance of typed paragraphs

Web learning has really helped me become a better designer.

The Better Web Type website uses a game to help teach those getting started with typography the balance that a paragraph should have. The Equilateral Triangle of a Perfect Paragraph is a theory developed by Matej Latin in the Better Web Type course about web typography for web designers and web developers. It's a great tool for getting to understand how line-height, font size and line width need to be in harmony for great type design that's easy on the eye. The equilateral triangle is a perfect representation of how the three features work in harmony. The theory is explained in details in an article on CSS-Tricks. The game puts theory into practice to teach you about the three features. Although it's fun (and I always find these tools to be somewhat useful) I don't agree with the theory's interpretation of line width - for which my score was punished! I scored 46/100.