Christopher Mollard

User Experience contractor designer researcher developer lead

UX Fail 4

Two step verification is great, except for when you can't receive the text.

How can I enter a text message security verification code with no reception?

In trying to access my Vodafone account I have encountered an issue: they want me to set up two step authentication via a phone network. This is all well and good, however I don't have any signal where I am and can't add the landline to to my account as I can't get into it!

The solutions

  • allow the user to do this later on (I have been fine until now so seems a bit much to suddenly demand this change)
  • allow a text to be sent via the internet (iMessage, Whatsapp, etc.)

The till should be able to pick up on what the payment method is, or at least a number of standard ones: cash; card (including contactless); voucher/coupon.

Depending on how soon/what stage the business wants to limit payments to, the till could accept payment at any point or, alternatively, only accept payments after a trigger - such as clicking 'Pay'.